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Hello, let me introduce myself.

Andre Kasberger, author of All Things Austria

Andre Kasberger

Have you ever had or done something in your past that you thought may be of interest to others?  And perhaps thought – OK, how do I share that experience.  For me, this site and companion book on Austria, the land of my birth, is one such step.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

To me, life is a journey and this is a very personal one that reconnects me with the rich heritage of my birth.

After WWII, as a toddler, I left Austria with my family for Brazil and then on to the US, where I’ve lived for the past fifty years.  Over those years I’ve also had the opportunity to travel extensively, including visits to Europe.

It’s been a fascinating journey thus far; growing up and learning new languages, adjusting to different cultures and all the while taking in glimpses of my Austrian heritage.  To me the opportunity to explore other places, people and and cultures is one of the great joys in life.

My wife Linda and I  currently make our home in the Sarasota Florida area, which although known for having one of the top rated beaches in the world, Siesta Key, also has a strong connection back to Austria through the “Original Hermann’s Royal Lipizzan Stallions of Austria” stables and riding academy.

Come and join me on this journey of exploring All Things Austria.
P.S. Check out what else I’m up to at: http://TheEmpowerGuy.com

One Response to “About Andre”

  • fay:

    Hi Andre!

    Looks good! I enjoyed how you matched the things and places in your video with the photographs along the top banner of the website.
    Roaming was spelled wrong in one of the blogs and i think I would prefer if the line after “let me introduce myself” went all the way to the end of the rest of the block. Perhaps look at it as well if that block of text was (sorry, can’t think of the correct term) justified both right and left.

    Thee are a few grammatical mistakes in the last paragraph of “To me, life is a journey…” I can talk you through it if you like!

    Will keep looking, but this is my initial glance.

    See you Thursday! Feel free to call me beforehand if you wish.


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