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  • mark schaaf:

    Hi Andre, Mark from the meet up group. I looked over your site and like the looks and flow of it, the only problem i have is because of my vision I have a difficult time reading anything without a nice space between lines so on your home page under your you tube video you have the section with the bullets, these few lines I have a tough time reading because there doesn’t seem to be any spacing between the lines. Outside of that everything seems nice. Mark

  • Erna Exum:

    We are sending our two adult daughters to Vienna soon, and would dearly love for them to see an actual lippizzaner stallion performance at the palace while they are there.

    What is the schedule for performances? The daughters will undoubtedly also attend the daily exercises and stable tour on another date as well.

    We would like to schedule around this event.

    Please advise,
    Erna Exum

    • When my wife and I were in Vienna this past year, late May and early June, we went directly to the Hofburg Palace in Central Vienna to view the Lipizzaners. This we found the easiest place to get information and tickets, which are available for their training sessions as well as the official performances.

      The Hofburg is also where the Lipizzaner stables are and while there you may even get glimpses of the stallions and trainers. It’s advised to get your tickets in advance because they are always sold out. You can also find a bit more about the Hofburg in the “Things to do in Vienna” and “Central Vienna Attractions” pages on this site. Enjoy, there’s a lot to see in that section of Vienna.

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