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Touring Hungary, and especially historical Budapest when visiting Vienna for a few days, is a must.  How about a Riverboat cruise on the Danube from Vienna to Budapest?

Hungary is a landlocked country that is bordered by the Ukraine, Serbia, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Austria of course. Its largest city and capital is Budapest a city divided in two by the Danube River. The West bank known

Village Along Danube Bend – Hungary

as Buda and the East bank as Pest. The area had quite an interesting past, as it changed hands among; Romans, Huns, Goths, Mongols, Turks, Hungarians and Habsburgs. Hungary because of this historic past is a very popular tourist destination and known for its hospitality and the mixture of history with modern touches. Tradition is important to many locals, yet they are very much in tune with the western world.

The setting of Budapest on Danube River makes it a gathering place for writers, artists and musicians. When there, other sights to see include the Chain Bridge, the Parliament Buildings, Fisherman’s Bastion, and the Castle Royal Palace.

One of the most popular vacation destinations in Hungary is Lake Balaton, which is about 60 miles from Budapest. It is the largest lake in Central Europe, with a length of nearly 48 miles, and a width varying from about 2.5 to 8 miles. Since Hungary is landlocked, the lake is often and fondly referred to as the “Hungarian Sea”. Here you’ll find many of Hungary’s Beaches and resorts. Another area to explore and sight see is what is called the Danube Bend, an area between Budapest on the East and Esztergom on the West, where the Danube makes a couple of twists and turns. An area rich with scenic views, castles and quaint little villages.  This presents itself on the way to Budapest from Vienna

Hungary’s population is approximately, 10 million and the predominant language is Hungarian. The climate of the country, because of its South Central European location is temperate, with hot summers, and cold winters.

With regards to local customs, people like to shake hands and as with some other European countries and when visiting someone’s a little gift or flowers are welcome. Although smoking is prohibited in most public places, it is permitted during long distance train travel. Tipping is OK and expect to give a 10 to 15 percent tip.

There are four ways to travel to Hungary; by car, rail, air and river. Budapest is served by numerous European and International airlines, including Malv, Hungary’s national airline. The major air hub is the Ferhegy Budapest International Airport, which is about ten miles from Budapest. The country is also part of the extensive rail network with direct connections to 16 European cities. Getting to Hungary and Budapest by river (Danube River) may be one of the most enjoyable means. Leave from Vienna via tour boat or the more rapid daily hydrofoil service which runs between Budapest and Vienna during the months of April to October.

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  • Hi
    We are planning a cycling trip along the Daune in Haungery in the summer.
    Do you have maps?
    Thank you

    • I do not have such specific maps but, I’m sure you’d find them with the Hungarian tourist bureau. I think a cycling trip on the Danube would be a great experience. When we were in Austria last year, we came across a couple of such groups when we were around the Danube. Enjoy!

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