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And let’s discover some of the special Austria and Vienna attractions and things to do. Here are some examples:

>>Skiing in Austria - The Sound of MusicSalzburg<<

>>Things To Do In ViennaHallstatt and Salzkammergut<<

>>Danube River CruiseHeurigen-Vienna Wine Taverns<<

>>Burgenland-Wine, Haydn and Storks - Swarovski Crystal<<

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And now let’s explore the land and culture.

Whether it’s travel tips, Austria Tourist Information, Vienna Tourist Attractions, Summer Music Festivals, or a quick look into Austria’s history, my intent is to give you valuable insights on some of the known and lesser known Austrian attractions that you may want to explore in person or, as an arm chair traveler. BTW, Austria also happens to be the land of my birth – let’s explore together.

Austria and Music

As you tour this site and gather information about Austria, you’ll soon discover that there’s much more to the attraction of Austria than just its renown for skiing and spectacular Alpine scenery. There are the wonderful symphonies and composers, the scenes that may remind you of “The Sound of Music”, the Summer Music Festivals, the Viennese Coffee, its kafes and delicious pastries, the local Heurigens or the music and festivals celebrating its famous composers such as Mozart, Haydn and Strauss.

There’s so Much More to Austria

And there’s more… there is the history of the Habsburgs and the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Austria’s role during the Cold War, its current role in world affairs, it’s wine growing history, the Austrian Alps, and… the more you learn more about Austria, the more you’ll begin to realize that there’s a lot to see, do and experience.

Ideally Located in Europe

Being central in Europe, Austria also makes for a great home base for exploring Central Europe; Germany (especially Bavaria), The Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovania, Italy and Switzerland. All right next door and within easy reach by car or rail. If history, classical musical heritage, architecture and grand palaces are among your interests, then you must visit Vienna. Learn more about Vienna at Things to do in Vienna. If music and the outdoors is your interest check out the Summer Music Festivals in Austria,  which are spectacular. Perhaps a River Cruise on the Danube River is on your itinerary, or should be, then check out what one of the Danube River Cruises may offer. There’s so much more we could talk about.

Even More Information

For all the tourists and travelers out there, please let us know what Austria tourist information you’d want more of.  In fact, we’d love to post your European and Austrian travel tips and experiences. For further information, check out my book on Amazon’s Kindle – All Things Austria

Check out all the other points of interest and what Austria has to offer.

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