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Austrian Foods and Recipes…

Austria is well known for its great food (Wiener Schnitzel) great pastries (Apfelstrudel), tortes (Sachertorte) and its coffee (Vienna Coffee).  My mouth is watering just thinking about putting up authentic recipes for these and other Austrian foods. Do pastries count as food?

You'll find pastries everywhere in Austria, especially in the larger cities like Vienna and Sazburg

Pastries, Pastries, Everywhere

If you’re in Austria, you’ll soon discover that pastries are just a normal part of the everyday fare. You’ll even find a pastry counter in McDonald’s.

Check out the following recipes:

Wienerschnitzel (An Austrian staple and comes in many varieties)

Apfelstrudel (A must have, although they vary)

Sachertorte (One of a kind)

Boiled Beef? (Yup, that’s what I thought, till you taste it)

Salzburger Nockerln (This is very gooood & serves an entire table)

Goulash (As common and varied as Wiennerschnitzel)

Deep Fried Carp (This is really a treat – coming soon)

Apricot Dumpling (This is really tasty, especially when made with apricots from Wachau – coming soon)

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7 Responses to “Austrian Recipes”

  • Hi Uncle Andy!! I LoVe your website!! thanks so much for posting the official Grandma Lilly recipe!! The whole family loves when I make this! – I never knew how she made her mashed potatoes:)

    I look forward to reading more about Austria! Can’t wait to travel there someday!

    Hi to Aunt Linda!!


    • admin:

      Glad you enjoyed the site, I’m having fun building it. Perhaps I’ll put up a couple of her other recipes; goulash and apfelstrudel.

      Hey, I really like your site and business. Neat stuff. Say hello to Kelly and Merry Christmas to your family.

      • Dee:

        Merry Christmas!!
        We were wondering if you had the recipe for Grandmas rum balls??
        We are making wiener schnitzel for Christmas!!
        Thank you!!

        • admin:

          I’ll need to chase that one down. Merry Christmas to you Tim and the tribe!

        • admin:

          They were good weren’t they? Rumkugeln (translated into Rum Balls)

          We don’t have hers but, I found a recipe that sounds about just right. BTW, Rum (the Austrian type) is definitely a cooking ingredient in Austria. Austria produces Rum but it’s not the same as the Caribbean one we get here, although the taste is similar. Anyway, here it goes

          Ingredients (Adjust to quantity):
          200 g (7.0 oz) icing type sugar
          some vanilla – a few drops for flavoring only
          200 grams (7.0 oz) of grated nuts – walnuts are good
          200 grams (7.0 oz) of grated, dark chocolate
          2 yolks
          grated coconut – roll them in the coconut
          and rum (of course) instead of butter


          Simple: Mix all the ingredients, except for the coconut flakes, into a smooth dough. Form that into small rum balls and make a smooth dough and roll them in the coconut flakes. That’s it!!! Enjoy.

          No calories of course!!!!

          Merry Christmas!!!!

  • This is my first time to visit your blog and I would say you share nice information

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