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Austrian Alps Winter Activities

When you think of the Austrian Alps and Winter Activities, you inevitably think of its world renowned skiing and ski resorts such as Kitzbuhel, St. Anton and Innsbruck – the latter hosted the Winter Olympics of 1964 and 1976.

Skiing in Austria, is it's most popular sport

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Although there are over 200 ski resorts in Austria (a South Carolina-sized country), the best known, at least internationally, are in the state of Tyrol, the location of the three mentioned above. Vorarlberg, which is just west of Tyrol and as well known as its Tyrol, also has excellent skiing.

Styria, situated in the¬†south eastern part of Austria, and Salzburg, which is right next door to Tyrol, also offer an abundance of great winter activities, although perhaps with a little more local flavor, which for some of us – is just great. Lets not forget Carinthia, Austria’s southernmost and sunniest state. Here you’ll find all the winter activities, including ice surfing on a number of its numerous lakes, which also, due to their southern location, become summer activities destinations.

Ice surfing in the winter on a frozen lake in Carinthia, Austria

Ice surfing in Carinthia

Back to skiing, after a full day of skiing, snow boarding, snow shoeing, Nordic skiing or for that matter, any other outdoors activity, what better way to relax than working out those kinks out of your sore muscles in a world class spa.

Although the Austrian Alps in the winter are flush with winter activities, once the weather begins turning warmer and we get into summer, the activity turns to other outdoors activities such as; hiking, trekking, horseback riding and the numerous water activities on the beautiful alpine lakes. In fact, summer also brings several Music Fests and tends to draw even more visitors to the region. Check out the summer time activities at: Austrian Alps Summer Activities.

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