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Air Travel Tips

Air Travel Tips for the un-initiated traveler. Taking some of the hassle out of your travels.

Isn’t air travel, with all the new airline and government imposed regulations and pesky fees, getting to be a real pain in the you know what?  Unfortunately, when distances are involved, it’s still the fastest way to get from point A to point B.

How about all those new pat downs, scans, and rules on what you can and cannot take on board with you.  Because things can change at the spur of the moment, or at least it seems that way, the best way to stay informed and stay calm is to make sure you’re informed ahead of time.  Following are some Air Travel Tips to help you in that way.

For baggage restrictions and costs, contact your airline directly, or go to their web site. E.g. . Also be sure to check TSA’s regulations, below.

For all security related concerns go to the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) site, they’ll have the latest information – For a more direct way to find out what you can and cannot take with you, click here. This is TSA’s permitted/restricted items page.

Now on to travel tips for all those extra fees you may encounter; checking a bag, extra baggage, more leg room, window seat and… oh yea, no more free lunch. All those fees can add-up and make your cheap flight not so cheap.  This is one way the airlines keep up with their rising costs without significantly impacting the cost of the basic airline ticket price. Following are some travel tips that you have some control over and that will help you dodge some of those fees:

Checking a Bag? Fees normally range from $15.00 to $35.00, plus perhaps $25.00 for the second bag. Fix: Some travel related credit cards provide an allowance for things such as baggage check, also check with the hotel you’re staying in whether they have a reimbursement policy.

Better Seat or More Legroom? Here, depending on the airline, you may find fees ranging from $5.00 up to $50.00 and possibly more. Fix: The best suggestion here is the old standby – get to the counter early. Unless the flight is already totally booked, if you get there early, seats are often up for grabs, and don’t forget to be courteous to the counter person.  A smile goes a long way.  Another suggestion, if departure time is not an issue, travel during off-peak days and hours.

Overweight Bags? Here the charges can run up quickly, go over 50 lbs. and $50.00 will be tacked on. Fix: Travel light, keep heavy items such as books and magazines out of your luggage, and perhaps you need to invest in light weight luggage. Find that and more at: Travel Resources and Supplies

Hopefully these Air Travel Tips will take some of the hassles out of your travels to Austria, Europe or wherever you may travel to.

Packing for Travel

When Packing for Travel in Europe, remember three things; travel light, take local transportation when possible, check with locals for best places and weather and yes, WiFi is available in most locations.  I’ve even heard of travelers leaving their laptop at home and roaming around with their iPads.

Following are some great packing for travel tips:

Roll your clothes: Instead of folding your clothes, which tends to take up a lot of room in your suitcase, roll your clothes.  You’ll be able to bring along many more items in the same amount of space and it also helps reduce wrinkles.

Divide your valuables as you’re packing for travel: A better way to carry valuables, especially the financial items, is to have them in separate travel bags.  So, if something like your credit card is lost, you’ll have a backup card in another bag to use — you’re not stuck.  For cash, an inconspicuous money belt may be a great option.  You’re going on vacation to relax, not to have to worry about losing your financial means or your passport.

Use travel-sized toiletries: Airlines have become very restrictive in what you can and can’t bring on board.  For instance, carry-on liquids must be less than 3 ounces, no sharp objects, etc.  Check with your airline or travel agent before leaving, as these requirements change periodically.  Unless you must, get your toiletries when you get to where you’re going.  Don’t worry, there will be super markets or drug stores.

Heaviest on the bottom: Pack your heavy items, such as toiletries, on the bottom so you won’t be smashing all your clothes, while you’re rolling your bag through the airport.

Take one carry-on bag: If at all possible take one carry-on bag with rollers, or one you can carry as a backpack or over your shoulder. It’ll make your jaunts through airports, other stations and walks between destinations much more comfortable.

When packing for travel, bring along comfortable clothes and shoes; you may want to take some walking tours, or explore an area on foot, and Austria has plenty of opportunities for both.  If you must bring along an appliance such as a hair dryer, remember that you’ll need an adapter for the electric outlet.

Remember as you’re packing for travel; pack light and comfortable – after all, you want a relaxing vacation with a minimum of hassle.  Austria, with its natural beauty, is a great place to decompress and just enjoy the spectacular scenery, the music, the cafes, the architecture, the pastries, the…

Check out  Air Travel Tips and get some insights on what you may need to consider before embarking on your journey.

I’m sure we missed several very useful tips and invite you to share your “aha” moments and travel tips.

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