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Austria & The Czech Republic

Czech Republic Tourist Info

Touring the Czech Republic and especially Prague is within easy reach from Austria, especially when you’re in Vienna.

Its capital city, Prague with much of its architectural history preserved, is

Prague Czech Republic

a major European tourist destination, and is the largest city in the Republic. In fact, as in Vienna, besides its beautiful architecture, it also has a very strong musical heritage.

Although the Czech Republic became part of the EU in 2004, it was once part of Czechoslovakia and a country behind the Iron Curtain.

There are two cultural and geographic sections of the Czech Republic – Moravia and Bohemia.  While both are hilly, the Bohemian region is known for its wineries and spas.  Visitors to the country can tour the many castles, and enjoy great outdoors activities such as; hiking, cycling, and skiing.

There are about 10.2 million people living in the Republic, and the official language is Czech, although in urban areas such as Prague, English is now fairly common.

Travel to and through the country by road or rail is quite easy, especially now that it is a member of the EU.

The weather in the Republic is temperate, as in other central European areas, with normally hot summers, cold winters and a rainy season during the summertime. The temperature can vary depending on the altitude of the region and as can expected, it can get very cold in the mountains in the winter, and quite warm in some of the valleys in the summer.

Local customs dictate that people dress in a casual and conservative manner, except when the occasion calls for formal dinners and visits to fine hotels. When dining out, plan on tipping five to 10 percent of the bill.

Prague, with most of its old architecture untouched by the wars, is one of the most interesting and visited cites in Europe. When there be sure to tour the Castle District, with its castles of course, gothic churches and museums. One point of interest is St. Vitus Cathedral, which is also the country’s largest church.

When going by air, Czech Airlines as well many of the other European airlines, provide excellent service. The major airport servicing Prague is Ruzyne International Airport (PRG), which is situated 10 miles north of Prague. Ready access to Prague by air is provided from major cities such as; Vienna, Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, and Zurich.

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