Lipizzan Stallions in Sarasota

Lipizzan Stallions in Sarasota FL? You may ask. Yes, the Lipizzaner story didn’t just stop in Austria, the breed has also made its way to places around the world.  One of them being in the Sarasota Florida area at the Hermann Royal Lipizzan Ranch, where during the winter months you can observe a dressage clinic and training.

Showing the Levade maneuver during a training session in Sarasota Floridaer

Showing the Levade w/ rider

Founded by Colonel Ottomar Hermann and now under the direction of his daughter, Gabriella Hermann. Here Gabriella (Gaby) continues her father’s legacy with an American Renaissance of classical equitation.

Besides the dressage exhibition, an ongoing breeding program is also in place exclusively for the propagation of the breed and the continuation of the Haute Ecole of this equestrian form.

These magnificent stallions were bred as a war horse as well as a riding show horse during the Habsburg dynasty.  During the dressage you’ll see some of the maneuvers the breed was trained for, especially the Air maneuvers.  In one of the maneuvers, the stallion rears up on its hind legs to gain height and give the rider, which would have been a military leader, in the Habsburg era, a higher vantage point, from where to observe the field of battle.  In another maneuver while on it’s hind legs, the stallion lashes out with its front ones, striking an enemy in front of it.  Then there’s the maneuver where the stallion jumps in the air with all four and while still in the air kicks the hind legs to strike an opponent.

For further information on tours, exhibits, riding school (Spanish American Riding Academy) or even the purchase of a Lipizzaner check out the Hermann Royal Lipizzan Ranch.

The contact person there is, Gabriella (Gabby) Hermann, the director of the Spanish American Riding Academy, and daughter of the now deceased Colonel Ottoman Hermann.

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