Wiener Schnitzel – Austria’s National Food

Wiener SchnitzelApfelstrudelSacher Torte and Vienna Coffee are all an integral part of Vienna and Austria.  My mouth is watering just thinking about putting up authentic recipes for these and other Austrian foods.

We’ll start this series off with a Wiener Schnitzel recipe, which is as close to an Austrian national food as you can get.

Display of a Wienerschnitzel meal, Austria's national dish
Wiener Schnitzel

In fact across the border to the north (Germany), Austrians are frequently referred to as Schitzelfressers (Schnitzel munchers).

This is a recipe for Wiener Schnitzel my mother used to make. In our house it was called the Grandma Meal by our two sons and it will surely please your pallet.

Here’s “Grandma Lilly’s” Wiener Schnitzel Recipe:


Veal cutlets (pork can be used as a substitute but is not as authentic)

Potatoes ( for mashed potatoes)

Butter, egg, bread crumbs, flour, salt, pepper, garlic powder, lemon slices

Cranberry sauce and some parsley for garnish

How to prepare “Grandma Lilly’s” Wiener Schnitzel:

You should have three ingredients ready: one with the beaten egg, one with flour and one with fine breadcrumbs.

Cut the cutlets, if necessary, into a small size portion. A person may eat 3-4 or more of these.

Take a wooden hammer and “punch/hit” it tender to a thickness of about 1/4 to 1/3 of an inch. Sprinkle some (according to your taste) salt, pepper and garlic powder on meat before applying the wooden hammer. Do wear an apron because little splatters will fly.

Dip each, now tenderized cutlet (Schnitzel) in the flour, egg and breadcrumbs respectively and put it in a skillet with hot “healthy” oil (Canola Oil) and fry till golden-brown.  Some may prefer to use butter instead of oil, although for health and overheating reasons, not highly recommended.

In the meantime, cut the potatoes (peeled or un-peeled, as preferred) into chunks and boil along with some bay leaves, celery leaves and garlic cloves.

Mash the potatoes the old fashioned way, with a hand masher, add some butter and Sour Cream (optional) a pinch or two of Sea Salt and they’re ready.

Serve the Wiener Schnitzel with the potatoes and cranberry sauce and you’ll surely please your plate. Sprinkling some lemon juice on the Schnitzel, adds a bit of tang and WOW.  Guten Appetit, Enjoy!

Stay tuned for Apfelstrudel next!

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