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Top Laundry Service Salzburg – Trusted and Efficient Cleaners

Laundry services are crucial in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in our daily lives. They ensure that our clothes, bedding, and other textiles are properly cleaned and fresh. Professional laundry services remove dirt, stains, and odors, providing clean and presentable items. 

Properly laundered textiles contribute to a healthy and comfortable living environment. In this article, we will explore Salzburg’s top 15 laundry services that are trusted and known for their efficiency. We will discuss their key features and highlight the benefits of hiring these cleaners for your laundry needs.

Choosing trusted and efficient cleaners for your laundry needs in Salzburg is essential. These professionals ensure reliable and thorough cleaning, saving you time and effort. Additionally, they provide peace of mind knowing that your clothes are being handled with care and expertise. Here are the best 15 laundry services in Salzburg: 

1. SB Waschsalon

SB Waschsalon in Salzburg is a self-service laundry located at Ignaz-Harrerstraße 32, offering washing and drying services. The Laundry is open from 06:00 to 22:00 every day, including weekends and holidays. 

It provides ample parking and is conveniently located near public transportation. Customers can choose from a range of washing machine capacities, from 8 to 26 kilograms, and there are also washers with built-in dryers available. 

The prices for washing and drying vary based on machine size and duration. Waschmittel (washing detergent) is included in the washing price. My Laundry aims to provide a clean and efficient laundry experience for customers in Salzburg.


Phone: +43 (0)664 4372492

2. Norge Exquisit

Norge Exquisit is a reliable and experienced Salzburg laundry and textile cleaning service. With over 50 years of operation, they have gained the trust of many customers in both private and commercial sectors. 

Norge Exquisit offers convenient services such as express cleaning and same-day laundry service. They have multiple locations in Salzburg and provide a pickup and delivery service. 

Their expertise lies in chemical cleaning using environmentally friendly washing machines and dry cleaning methods. 


Phone: +43 699 104 467 80

3. Bügelservice Salzburg

Bügelservice Salzburg is a reliable ironing service that provides convenience and time-saving solutions for customers. They offer pickup and delivery services, and customers have the flexibility to place their orders online or by phone. 

There are no contract terms or obligations, and they strive to meet their customer’s expectations and deliver high-quality results. They offer phone support and operate from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. from Monday to Thursday and from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Fridays. 

Customers can find additional information on their website.


Phone: +43 677 618 051 52

4. Wäscherei Kaserer Inh Ingrid Langer

Wäscherei Kaserer Inh Ingrid Langer is a highly rated laundry service in Salzburg, Austria, with a rating of 4.22/5 based on Yably reviews. They offer various laundry services, including washing, ironing, and cleaning. 

The opening hours are tailored to accommodate their customers’ busy schedules, with morning and afternoon time slots available for drop-offs and pickups. On Fridays, they operate in the morning hours and are closed on Saturdays and Sundays. 

With a dedication to customer satisfaction and a commitment to providing high-quality laundry services, Wäscherei Kaserer Inh Ingrid Langer is a reliable choice for individuals and businesses in Salzburg.


Phone: +43 662 8203380 

5. Nonntaler Kleiderservice (am Erhardplatz neben der Kirche)

Nonntal clothes service is a laundry and dry cleaning business in Salzburg, Austria. They specialize in high-quality outerwear and home textiles, offering services such as carpet cleaning, leather cleaning, and cleaning of home textiles, flat linen, and workwear. 

They use the latest technology to produce high-quality and high-volume results and operate from Monday to Friday with opening hours from 08:00 to 18:00. They work with various well-known brands and provide services for items such as duvets, tablecloths, quilts, carpets, and leather goods.


Phone: +43 662 840997

6. Wacht Franz GmbH & Co KG

Textilreinigung Wacht is a professional textile cleaning service provider in Salzburg, Austria. They offer a wide range of services, including cleaning garments such as shirts and blouses, curtains, home textiles, leather, fur, and carpets. 

Additionally, they specialize in fire and water damage restoration for textiles. Their experienced team ensures excellent service and high-quality cleaning results, and they emphasize environmentally friendly practices by using water and detergent efficiently. 

They also offer services such as garment ironing, packaging, and fabric waterproofing to protect valuable textiles further.


Phone: +43 662 827573 

7. Bügelatelier Gabriele Hummer

Gabriele Hummer owns the Bügelatelier, a hand ironing service in Salzburg, Austria. They offer professional hand ironing services for all types of Laundry and have a team of Elke, Coco, and Gabriele. 

Their hours of operation are Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., and on Saturdays and Sundays from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. They encourage visitors to explore their website for more information about their work.


Phone: +43 662 631945

8. CSS Clean Service Salzburg GmbH

Clean Service Salzburg GmbH is a family-owned cleaning company based in Salzburg, Austria. They have operated successfully for 12 years and provide professional cleaning, special cleaning, property management, and relocation services. 

Key services provided include office and medical facility cleaning, hotel support and gastronomy cleaning, crime scene and trade fair cleanings, and crime scene and deal proper cleanings. The company prioritizes the selection of its employees and uses modern cleaning equipment, tools, and environmentally friendly cleaning products to ensure efficient and cost-effective services. 

They have a list of customer references, including GLS Austria, Schweizer Therapie und Training, DerTour, Polo Motorrad, Hotel Goldenes Theater, and many more.


Phone: +43 662 430330 

9. HABSBURG Wäscherei-Reinigung GmbH

Wäscherei HABSBURG Reinigung is a modern service company for textile cleaning of all kinds. They provide high-quality cleaning with an innovative and advanced machine park, using environmentally friendly methods. 

They offer fair prices and are committed to delivering top-quality services. Visit their website or contact the establishment for the most accurate and up-to-date information.


Phone:  0043 662 430124

10. Team Textilreinigung GmbH  

Team Textilreinigung GmbH provides textile cleaning services for clothing, textiles, Laundry, and carpets. They specialize in Hemden/Blusen service, Wäsche service (bed and table linens), and Teppichreinigung (carpet cleaning). 

They use precisely dosed cleaning agents and minimize water consumption and have been operating for 35 years in Salzburg. They use modern machines, manual ironing, and thorough inspection of each piece. Their advanced devices require less detergent and water compared to household washing machines. 


Phone: +43 662 431205

11. Renner Reinigung U Wäscherei Gmbh  

Renner Cleaning and Laundry GmbH is a commercial cleaning company located in Bad Reichenhall, Germany. They offer tailored cleaning solutions for commercial customers, with prices determined based on the order volume. 

They provide a flexible delivery service and 24-hour service. For the most up-to-date and detailed information, visiting their official website or contacting them directly is recommended.


Phone: +49 8651 62773 

12. MEWA Textil-Service GmbH

Mewa Textil-Service AG & Co. Management OHG is a company that provides services such as workwear rental and cleaning, cleaning cloths and materials rental, washroom hygiene service, car seat covers, oil collection mats, parts cleaner, dirt control mats, and mop service. It also has an exclusive online shop and emphasizes the importance of the human aspect in its operations. 

It has a circulatory system for workwear and industrial textiles, including individual employee equipment, collection and pickup of soiled materials, hygienic washing and drying, repair and replacement of damaged fabrics, and delivery and exchange of washed textiles. 


Phone: 0800 281 047 

13. Selner Reinigung

Selner Reinigung is a business in Lieferinger Hauptstr 29B, 5020 Salzburg, Austria. Selner Reinigung is likely a cleaning service provider based in Salzburg, Austria. They may offer textile cleaning, dry cleaning, and laundry services. 


Phone: +43 662 442 329

14. Salzburg mistet aus – Hausbetreuung und Entrümpelung

Salzburg mistet aus is a company based in Salzburg, Austria, that specializes in various services related to cleaning, decluttering, and relocation. They offer Umzug & Räumung (Relocation & Clearance), Entrümpelung (Decluttering), Hausbetreuung & Reinigung (House Care & Cleaning), and Online Rechner (Online Calculator). 

Benefits include competitive prices, free quotes, on-site inspections, best price guarantee, comprehensive services, including removing flooring materials, short notice appointments, discreet and professional service, and thorough cleaning and clearance services.


Phone: 0662 / 230 399


“BINGO CLEAN ARIFOVIC KEG” is a company in the cleaning services industry based in Salzburg, Austria. The company is listed on Europages, which is a business directory platform. Europages recommend other companies in the same industry, such as Marc Dochain, TRU, MA PETITE LAVERIE SARL INNOPRESS, and MINSAVIT.

Suppose you want to contact or obtain more information about BINGO CLEAN ARIFOVIC KEG or any other listed company. In that case, you can visit Europages or use the contact information in their respective listings.


Phone: +43 662 421195

After thorough research and analysis, we have compiled a list of Salzburg’s top 15 laundry services. Each of these services has been recognized for its trusted reputation and efficiency in delivering high-quality laundry solutions.

Apart from these laundry services, different Salzburg hotels also provide them to their guests. So let’s list out the top 5 hotels with laundry service:

Hotels with Laundry Facilities in Salzburg

Hotels with laundry facilities in Salzburg, Austria, provide convenient services for travelers who need to take care of their Laundry during their stay. These hotels understand the needs of their guests and offer on-site laundry facilities to ensure a comfortable and convenient experience.

Hotel Via Roma

Hotel Via Roma

It is located at Nonntaler Hauptstraße 47 in Salzburg, Austria, and has a rating of 8.2 out of 10. This hotel offers a serene ambiance and impeccable laundry services for a comfortable and convenient stay. It also provides a range of facilities, including pet-friendly rooms, a bar, non-smoking rooms, free parking, internet access, a safety deposit box, free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and daily maid service.


Altstadthotel Wolf-Dietrich

Altstadthotel Wolf-Dietrich

This hotel is situated at Wolf-Dietrich-Straße 7 in the Altstadt district of Salzburg, Austria, and has received a rating of 8.6 out of 10. The hotel features various amenities such as parking, pet-friendly accommodations, a bar, a 24-hour front desk, a sauna, a fitness center, non-smoking rooms, internet access, a safety deposit box, a spa, free Wi-Fi, a pool, air conditioning, and a snack bar including exceptional laundry services.




Imlauer is located at Rainerstraße 6 in Salzburg’s Altstadt area and has an impressive 8.7 out of 10 rating. The hotel offers convenient facilities such as parking, a restaurant, pet-friendly rooms, a bar, a 24-hour front desk, a sauna, a fitness center, non-smoking rooms, shuttle service, a business center, internet access, a safety deposit box, car hire services, free Wi-Fi, ski storage, air conditioning, and daily maid service. 

With daily maid service, including top-notch laundry services, IMLAUER HOTEL PITTER Salzburg ensures that your stay is exceptional.


Gästehaus im Priesterseminar Salzburg

Gästehaus im Priesterseminar Salzburg

It, situated at Dreifaltigkeitsgasse 14 in Salzburg’s Altstadt, boasts a rating of 8.8 out of 10. This accommodation provides non-smoking rooms, internet access, free Wi-Fi, a designated smoking area, a shared kitchen, and daily maid service. Additionally, Gästehaus im Priesterseminar Salzburg provides excellent laundry facilities, making it effortless for guests to take care of their laundry needs. 


Hotel Bristol Salzburg

Hotel Bristol Salzburg

Hotel Bristol is located at Makartplatz 4 in Salzburg’s Altstadt and holds a high rating of 8.9 out of 10. The hotel offers several amenities, including parking, a restaurant, pet-friendly rooms, a bar, a 24-hour front desk, non-smoking rooms, shuttle service, a business center, internet access, a safety deposit box, car hire services, free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, a designated smoking area, a snack bar, and daily maid service. 

Hotel Bristol Salzburg goes above and beyond by providing exceptional laundry services, ensuring your garments are impeccably cleaned and cared for during your stay. 


_Hotel Bristol Salzburg – Luxury Accommodation with Exceptional Laundry Services_

Note: The availability of laundry services may vary, and it’s recommended to contact the hotels directly to confirm the availability and any specific requirements.

Criteria for selecting the best laundry services

Criteria for selecting the best laundry services:

1: Price

 It is important to consider the pricing of laundry services. While affordability is crucial, it should be balanced with the quality of service provided. Compare prices among similar laundry services in your area to ensure you get the best value.


Evaluate the convenience factors offered by the laundry service. Consider their operating hours and whether they align with your schedule. Additionally, check the turnaround time for completing the Laundry, ensuring it meets your time constraints. Look for services that offer flexibility to accommodate your needs effectively.

3: Services Offered

Assess the range of services provided by laundry service providers. Apart from standard Laundry, inquire about additional services such as 24-hour options or specialty treatments for delicate or specific garments. Choosing a laundry service that caters to your specific needs ensures that your laundry requirements are met efficiently.

4: Pickup and Delivery Options

Opt for a laundry service that offers pickup and delivery. This service can save you valuable time and effort by eliminating the need to drop off and pick up your Laundry. Convenient pickup and delivery options make the process seamless and hassle-free.

5: Detergents Used

Consider the detergents used by the laundry service. Opt for a service that utilizes eco-friendly and skin-friendly detergents. This ensures the safety and longevity of your clothes while minimizing any potential harm to the environment. Inquire about their detergent choices to ensure they align with your preferences and values.

By considering these criteria, you can make an informed decision when selecting a laundry service that meets your specific needs in terms of price, convenience, range of services offered, pickup and delivery options, and eco-friendly practices.


In conclusion, you can confidently hire a reliable and efficient cleaner by choosing one of the top 15 laundry services in Salzburg that we have identified and keeping the recommended factors in mind. 

This will ensure that your laundry needs are met to the highest standard, allowing you to enjoy clean and fresh clothes hassle-free.


What are the three types of Laundry?

The three types of Laundry are:
Pickup laundry services: Get your Laundry picked up, professionally cleaned, and delivered back to you, saving you time and effort.
Commercial laundry services: Tailored solutions for businesses, offering efficient and high-quality cleaning for large quantities of linens and clothing.
Dry cleaning services: Specialized care for delicate fabrics, using gentle solvents to remove stains and keep your clothes looking their best.

Does Laundry include ironing?

Laundry can include ironing if it is part of the service or if you choose to do it yourself. Ironing helps remove wrinkles and creases from clothing, giving them a neat and polished appearance.

What is the difference between Laundry and washing?

The main difference between Laundry and washing is that Laundry refers to the process of cleaning and caring for clothes and other textiles, which can involve various steps such as sorting, washing, drying, and folding. On the other hand, washing specifically refers to cleaning clothes using water and detergent.

How much should Laundry cost in Salzburg?

The cost of Laundry in Salzburg can vary depending on factors such as the type of service, quantity of Laundry, additional treatments required, and the specific laundry service provider. It is recommended to compare prices among different providers in the area to get an idea of the average cost and find the best value for your needs.

How to do self-service laundry?

To do self-service laundry, you can follow these steps:
Sort your Laundry by color, fabric type, and washing instructions.
Load the washing machine with the appropriate amount of detergent and set the desired wash cycle.
Start the washing machine and wait for the process to complete.
Transfer the clothes to a dryer or hang them to dry, depending on the fabric and personal preference.
Once the clothes are dry, fold or turn them accordingly.
Iron any garments that require it, if desired.
Finally, pack your clean Laundry and take it home.

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