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July 23, 2023

Salzburg, Austria, holds a special place in the hearts of fans of The Sound of Music. This picturesque city is where the iconic movie was filmed, and it attracts thousands of tourists each year who want to experience the magic firsthand. While most Austrians may not be familiar with the film, visitors can’t help but hum along to the beloved songs and explore the enchanting locations featured in the movie. 

“The hills are alive with the sound of music!” – Maria

From the grand Mirabell Gardens to the charming Nonnberg Abbey, 13 must-see Sound of Music tour locations in Salzburg transports you into the world of Maria and the von Trapp family. Let’s embark on a delightful journey through these iconic spots and relive the joy of this timeless classic.

Here are 13 must-see tour locations that will transport you into the world of Maria and the von Trapp family.

1. Leopoldskron Castle

Leopoldskron Castle - A Majestic Historic Castle on the Lake

Visit the majestic Leopoldskron Castle, which served as the von Trapp family home in the movie. Stroll along the shores of Leopoldskron Lake, where the children had a mischievous boating adventure. 

Take in the serene beauty of the surroundings and imagine the von Trapp family’s life within the walls of this historic castle. With its stunning architecture and picturesque lake, Leopoldskron Castle offers a glimpse into the captivating world of The Sound of Music.

2. Mirabell Palace & Gardens

Mirabell Palace & Gardens - Beautiful Palace and Gardens

Step into the enchanting world of The Sound of Music at Mirabell Palace & Gardens. This picturesque location is where Maria and the children joyfully danced around the statue of Pegasus, singing their famous “Do-Re-Mi” song. 

“Do-Re-Mi, a female deer. Ray, a drop of golden sun.” – Maria

Explore the beautifully manicured gardens, stroll along the pathways, and relive the iconic scenes that captured the hearts of millions. With its vibrant atmosphere and musical history, Mirabell Palace & Gardens is a must-visit destination for any Sound of Music fan.

3. Horse Bath

Horse Bath - A Horse Enjoying a Refreshing Water Bath

Transport yourself to the scene where Maria and the children dance past the Horse Bath while singing “My Favorite Things.” This picturesque location adds a touch of charm to the movie and offers a delightful backdrop for capturing memorable photos. 

Experience the magic of the movie firsthand as you immerse yourself in the surroundings and create your special moments.

4. Winkler Terrace

Winkler Terrace - A Serene Outdoor Space with Panoramic Views

 Ascend Monk’s Hill and discover the breathtaking Winkler Terrace overlooking the Old Town of Salzburg. This is where Maria and the children brought their infectious energy, mixing up the musical notes of “Do Re Mi” as they introduced the song to Salzburg. 

Stand in awe of the panoramic view, feel the gentle breeze, and let the melodies of the movie resonate in your heart. Winkler Terrace is a serene spot that encapsulates the joy and harmony that The Sound of Music evokes.

5. Hedge Maze & Gnome Park

Hedge Maze - A Fun Green Puzzle Garden

Enter the whimsical world of the “Do-Re-Mi” song at the Hedge Maze & Gnome Park. Follow in the footsteps of Maria and the children as they skip through the vine tunnel and playfully interact with the charming gnome with glasses. 

This delightful location is perfect for families, allowing children to unleash their imaginations and immerse themselves in the magic of The Sound of Music.

6. Rock Riding School

Rock Riding School - A Special Place for Horse Lovers

Step inside the historic Rock Riding School, which played a pivotal role in some of the most memorable scenes from The Sound of Music. Let your imagination run wild as you envision these walls’ lively performances and heartwarming moments. 

The Rock Riding School is where history and film intertwine, creating an atmosphere that will transport you back in time.

7. Hellbrunn Castle and the Glass Pavilion

Hellbrunn Castle and Glass Pavilion - Charming Castle and Beautiful Pavilion

“I have confidence in sunshine. I have confidence in rain. I have confidence that spring will come again!” – Maria

Embark on a journey to Hellbrunn Castle, an architectural gem from the 17th century. Explore its captivating gardens and discover the mesmerizing glass pavilion that has fascinated visitors for over 30 years. 

Marvel at the beauty of the surroundings and imagine the von Trapp family roaming these grounds as you walk in their footsteps. Hellbrunn Castle and the Glass Pavilion are a testament to the timeless allure of The Sound of Music.

8. Mondsee Wedding Church

Mondsee Wedding Church - A Romantic Church by the Lake

Experience the magic of Maria and the Baron’s wedding by visiting the picturesque Mondsee Wedding Church. Step into the same church where their fictional union took place and feel the romance and joy that filled the air. 

Admire exquisite architecture, explore the charming town of Mondsee, and let the spirit of love and celebration resonate within you.

9. Nonnberg Abbey

Nonnberg Abbey - A Peaceful Place of Beauty and History

Delve into the rich history of Nonnberg Abbey, one of Europe’s oldest convents. This sacred place served as Maria’s home as a novice and was the backdrop for the enchanting wedding scene in the film. 

Explore the abbey’s tranquil surroundings, admire its architectural beauty, and feel a sense of serenity as you discover the connection between The Sound of Music and this sacred location.

10. St Gilgen and Lake Wolfgang

St. Gilgen and Lake Wolfgang - Beautiful Town by a Peaceful Lake

Embark on a scenic journey to St Gilgen and Lake Wolfgang, featured at the beginning of The Sound of Music. Bask in the landscape’s natural beauty as you gaze upon the stunning lake and surrounding mountains.

Take a moment to soak in the tranquility and reflect on the movie’s opening scenes that captured this beautiful region’s essence.

11. Werfen Picnic Meadow

Werfen Picnic Meadow - A Relaxing Spot for Outdoor Dining and Nature

Venture to the idyllic Werfen Picnic Meadow, perched above the village of Werfen. This picturesque location is where Maria and the children shared a delightful picnic and began singing the iconic “Do Re, Mi” song. 

Take in the breathtaking views, feel the fresh air on your skin, and let the melodies of the movie fill the atmosphere. The Werfen Picnic Meadow offers a serene and memorable experience for The Sound of Music fans.

12. Frohnburg Palace

Frohnburg Palace - A Majestic Historic Residence

Journey to Frohnburg Palace, the magnificent backdrop for the von Trapp family home. Marvel at the elegance and grandeur of this palace, which was featured in five pivotal scenes of the film. 

Let your imagination transport you to the world of the von Trapps as you walk through the halls and gardens, reliving the special moments that have captured the hearts of generations.

13. Peter’s Cemetery and Catacombs

Peter's Cemetery and Catacombs - Historic Resting Place

Discover the tranquil beauty of St. Peter’s Cemetery and Catacombs, a historic site featured in The Sound of Music. This serene cemetery, with its rows of picturesque tombstones and peaceful atmosphere, is where Maria and the children hid from the Nazis in the film. 

Wander through the winding pathways, surrounded by lush greenery and ancient tombstones, and feel a sense of tranquility as you connect with the scenes from the movie. 

Explore the catacombs beneath the cemetery, where you can delve into Salzburg’s intriguing history. St. Peter’s Cemetery and Catacombs offer a unique and contemplative experience for The Sound of Music fans and history enthusiasts.

Exploring the Locations of The Sound of Music

Transportation Options

  • Bus Tours: Convenient transportation to all filming locations.
  • Walking Tours: Explore on foot and enjoy the surrounding areas.
  • Bicycle Tours: Fun and affordable way to visit the sites.

Cost and Booking Information

  • Tour Prices: Starting at around 45€ for Sound of Music tours.
  • Tour Providers: Viator, GetYourGuide, Musement, and more.
  • Package Inclusions: Transportation, tour guide, combined tickets, lunch, museum visits, and other attractions.
  • Discounts and Seasonal Offers: Check for special deals and reduced prices.

When planning your Sound of Music tour, you can choose between different modes of transportation. Bus tours provide a hassle-free experience while walking tours allow for more flexibility and exploration. Alternatively, bicycle tours offer a unique and enjoyable way to discover the sites.

Tour prices typically start around 45€ and vary depending on the provider and package inclusions. Popular tour companies like Viator, GetYourGuide, and Musement offer similar experiences, including transportation, knowledgeable guides, and various add-ons such as combined tickets, lunch, and museum visits. 

Keep an eye out for discounts and seasonal offers that may be available at certain times of the year.

To book your tour, you can use TourScanner’s search feature to compare prices and options from different providers, ensuring you find the best tour that suits your preferences and budget.


“Climb every mountain, ford every stream, follow every rainbow, ’til you find your dream.” – Mother Abbess

In conclusion, exploring the locations of The Sound of Music in Salzburg offers a delightful journey into the world of Maria and the von Trapp family. With 13 must-see tour locations, ranging from majestic castles and picturesque gardens to charming churches and historical sites, visitors can relive the magic of this timeless classic. 

Whether you embark on a bus tour for convenience, take a walking tour to immerse yourself in the surroundings, or enjoy a bicycle tour for a fun and affordable experience, there are transportation options to suit every preference. 

With tour prices starting at around 45€ and various providers offering inclusive packages and special offers, booking your Sound of Music tour has never been easier. So, get ready to sing along and create unforgettable memories as you explore the enchanting locations that captured the hearts of millions.


How long is the Sound of Music tour in Salzburg?

The Sound of Music tour in Salzburg typically lasts around 4 hours. It is available daily at 9:15 AM and 2:00 PM, but pre-booking is recommended, especially during Christmas and New Year, to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience without any delays.

Can you do a Sound of Music tour yourself?

Yes, you can do a self-guided Sound of Music tour in Salzburg. This walking tour is approximately 4 kilometers long and can be completed in 2-3 hours. Feel free to take your time, enjoy the journey, and make pit stops at charming cafes.

Is it worth doing the Sound of Music tour in Salzburg?

Yes, it’s worth doing the Sound of Music tour in Salzburg. It offers a breathtaking experience, even if you need to become more familiar with the movie. The Original Sound of Music Tour is a fantastic way to explore Austria’s beautiful region and appreciate the film’s charm.

Can you go inside The Sound of Music House?

You can stay inside The Sound of Music House, known as Meierhof. Experience a comfortable overnight stay in its rooms and enjoy a delicious breakfast buffet in either the Marble Hall or the palace’s ballroom. Additionally, you can visit various filming locations during the 4-hour Original Sound of Music Tour.


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