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July 22, 2023

“The true value of a gift lies not in its price, but in the thought and love that accompanies it.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

Have we ever faced the dilemma of finding the perfect souvenir that truly embodies the spirit of Salzburg? We’ve all encountered this challenge in our quest for a meaningful souvenir. Searching for more than just another generic token can be frustrating and disheartening. 

But fear not; we have curated a list of 19 Salzburg souvenirs that will transport you back to the city’s enchanting atmosphere and evoke cherished memories. Get ready to discover unique treasures that speak volumes about Salzburg’s rich heritage and leave a lasting impression on your heart.

1. Mozart Chocolate Balls – A Delicious Salzburg Souvenir

Mozart Chocolate Balls - Decadent Delights for Chocolate Lovers

“A piece of Mozart’s melodies captured in a music box, a timeless souvenir from Salzburg.” – Jane Austen

Mozart Chocolate Balls, or Mozartkugeln, is a famous souvenir from Salzburg. These chocolate treats are filled with delicious marzipan and were created to honour Mozart, a famous composer. The original recipe was invented by Paul Fürst, who won a prize for it in Paris. However, other brands make similar chocolates and use names like “real” Salzburg Mozart Chocolate. 

Fürst’s handmade chocolates, wrapped in blue and silver foil, can only be found in Salzburg. They are worth trying, but remember that they don’t last very long because they are made with natural ingredients. If you want chocolates that stay fresh longer and are more affordable, you can find them in supermarkets. While Mozart Chocolate Balls are a tasty treat, they might not be the best choice as a gift due to their limited availability and short shelf life.

2. Gustav Klimt Souvenirs: Capturing the Artistic Spirit of Salzburg

Gustav Klimt Souvenirs - Celebrate the Artistic Legacy

Reproductions of Gustav Klimt’s renowned paintings are highly sought-after souvenirs in Salzburg. As one of Austria’s most celebrated artists, Klimt’s work, particularly his captivating depiction of the female body, has gained global recognition. One of his most iconic masterpieces, “The Kiss,” holds a special place in art history. 

Visitors to Salzburg can find reproductions of this captivating artwork adorning a wide array of souvenirs, including jewellery boxes, T-shirts, mugs, magnets, and key rings. These items allow tourists to take a piece of Klimt’s artistic brilliance home with them, capturing the essence of his profound influence on Austrian art.

3. Alpine Crafts

Alpine Crafts - Handcrafted Treasures from the Mountains

Dive into the world of alpine craftsmanship with Salzburg’s array of handmade treasures. Delve into the intricate art of wooden figurines carved by skilled artisans, showcasing scenes from folklore and alpine life. Additionally, explore handwoven textiles, such as woollen scarves and blankets, boasting traditional patterns and designs. 

Take the chance to admire decorative ceramics, including painted plates and pottery, reflecting the region’s artistic traditions. These exquisite pieces of craftsmanship serve as reminders of Salzburg’s cultural heritage and make for exceptional gifts or cherished mementoes.

4. Music Boxes

Music Boxes - Captivating Melodies Encased in Elegance

Experience the magic of Salzburg’s musical heritage through the enchanting melodies of a music box. These meticulously crafted boxes often feature famous compositions by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, born in Salzburg. 

With a simple turn of the crank, you can listen to the delicate chimes and notes, transporting yourself to classical music. Music boxes are available in various designs and sizes, making them delightful and sentimental keepsake that captures the essence of Salzburg’s musical legacy.

5. Austrian Wines

Austrian Wines - Uncover the Richness of Austrian Terroir

Elevate your wine collection with the exceptional flavours of Austrian wines. Salzburg is renowned for its vineyards and offers a wide selection of varietals to suit every palate. Grüner Veltliner, a crisp and aromatic white wine, is a popular choice, known for its notes of green apple and white pepper. 

Blaufränkisch is a compelling option for red wine enthusiasts, characterized by its dark fruit flavours and spicy undertones. By bringing home a bottle or two of Austrian wine, you can savour the region’s unique terroir and share the joys of Salzburg’s viticulture with friends and family.

6. Salzburg Beer

Salzburg Beer - Crafted with Passion in the Heart of Austria

Immerse yourself in Salzburg’s brewing culture by indulging in its renowned beers. Salzburg boasts a rich tradition of beer craftsmanship, and you can find a variety of styles to please your taste buds. Märzen, a traditional amber lager, showcases a malty sweetness and a smooth, clean finish. 

Weissbier, a refreshing wheat beer, offers notes of banana and clove, delighting the palate with its fruity and spicy characteristics. Whether you enjoy a pint at a local brewery or bring home a selection of Salzburg beers, you’ll appreciate the city’s dedication to brewing excellence and the flavours that define its beer-capital reputation.

7. Handmade Chocolates

Handmade Chocolates - Indulgence Crafted with Care

Indulge in the irresistible allure of Austrian chocolates with handmade treats from Salzburg. The city is home to exquisite chocolatiers that have perfected chocolate-making over generations, delicate sample pralines with luscious fillings like marzipan, nougat, or fruit-infused ganache. 

Treat yourself to Mozartkugel, a speciality chocolate named after the famous composer, featuring a core of pistachio marzipan enveloped in a layer of nougat and dark chocolate. These handmade chocolates are crafted with the finest ingredients and meticulous attention to detail, creating a symphony of flavours that embody the sweet essence of Salzburg.

8. Alpine Herbs and Spices  

Alpine Herbs and Spices - Aromatic Flavors from the Majestic Mountains

Bring a taste of the Alps into your kitchen by acquiring a selection of alpine herbs and spices. Pristine mountain landscapes surround Salzburg, home to a diverse array of aromatic herbs and plants. Explore flavours like alpine sage, mountain thyme, or wild juniper berries, which add a unique touch to culinary creations. 

These herbs can be used for teas, infusions, or as seasonings for savoury dishes, allowing you to infuse your cooking with the essence of the Salzburg mountains. With their distinct aroma and taste, alpine herbs and spices provide a flavorful reminder of your visit to this picturesque region.

9. Salzburg Music CDs

Salzburg Music CDs - Captivating Melodies from the City of Music

Capture the essence of Salzburg’s musical heritage by purchasing CDs featuring performances by local orchestras, choirs, and soloists. Salzburg is synonymous with classical music, the birthplace of Mozart and a hub for musical excellence. These CDs offer a captivating collection of symphonies, concertos, and vocal performances that showcase the city’s rich musical tradition. 

Immerse yourself in the timeless compositions of Mozart, Beethoven, or Haydn, and allow the beautiful melodies to transport you back to the grandeur of Salzburg’s renowned concert halls. These recordings make for cherished souvenirs and provide a lasting connection to the city’s musical legacy.

10. Discovering Schnapps: A Unique Souvenir from Salzburg

Schnapps - Distilled Delights from the Alpine Tradition

In Salzburg, Austria, Schnapps plays a significant role alongside the renowned beer culture. It is crafted from various fruits, nuts, and herbs, including unique pine Schnapps derived from stone pine trees thriving in the Alps above 1500 meters. The meticulous handmade process makes pine Schnapps highly treasured, while gentian schnapps from the Grassl distillery near the German border is equally noteworthy. 

“A gift is a reflection of the giver’s heart, and Salzburg offers a treasure trove of heartfelt souvenirs.” – Friedrich Schiller.

To acquire Schnapps as a souvenir, two recommended options are the Grünmarkt at University Square and the Schranne at Mirbellsquare, offering a diverse range of Schnapps from dedicated vendors. 

Alternatively, the Sporrer punch and liqueur shop in Getreidegasse provide an excellent selection of spirits. Schnapps is an ideal souvenir due to its local origin, practicality, and long-lasting nature. The bottles themselves can serve as attractive decorative items, even if one chooses not to consume the Schnapps, especially considering its strong taste.

11. Exploring Salzburg’s Enchanting Christmas Decorations

Christmas Decorations - Festive Magic for the Holiday Season

Salzburg’s Christmas stores in Getreidegasse offer a unique experience for Christmas enthusiasts and collectors alike. Despite the unconventional timing, visitors are drawn to these stores as they understand the significance of handmade decorations and Salzburg’s magical atmosphere during the holiday season. Whether purchased during summer vacations or shipped worldwide, these decorations hold a special place in the hearts of those who cherish Christmas. 

In Judengasse, the largest and oldest Christmas store stands alongside its newer counterpart, captivating visitors with their offerings. Another hidden gem, Candela, surprises shoppers with a diverse range of high-quality items. These Christmas stores provide beautiful decorations and create lasting memories, allowing people to carry a piece of Salzburg’s enchantment with them wherever they go.

12. Captivating Fridge Magnets: Souvenir Delights from Salzburg

Fridge Magnets - Colorful and Functional Kitchen Decor

Fridge magnets are popular for travellers seeking collectable souvenirs, and Salzburg offers a delightful selection. These small and practical items are favoured for their affordability and compact size, making them easy to carry and display. In Salzburg, magnets can be found in tourist hotspots like Getreidegasse and Judengasse, featuring diverse designs showcasing the city’s landmarks and cultural symbols. With prices typically below €10,-, these magnets serve as charming reminders of a visit to Salzburg.

Beyond their functional purpose, fridge magnets also serve as decorative accents. Their vibrant colours and unique designs add a touch of personality to kitchens and other spaces, creating a visual connection to the cherished memories of Salzburg. Whether it’s a picture of the iconic Hohensalzburg Fortress or a representation of Mozart, these magnets bring a sense of charm and nostalgia to any home, serving as both keepsakes and conversation starters.

13. Whimsical Mozart Rubber Ducks: Unique Souvenirs of Salzburg

Mozart Rubber Ducks - Quack in Musical Style

The charming streets of Salzburg are adorned with an adorable sight: Mozart rubber ducks! These delightful ducks, sporting Mozart wigs or even the likeness of the Austro-Hungarian Emperor, have become a familiar presence in the city. The brainchild behind these quirky creations is my neighbour, who introduced them to the market around 2010. Although souvenir shops soon imitated his original ducks, the stark contrast in quality sets them apart.

While most ducks in these shops are mass-produced with cheap plastic, the original Austro ducks are handcrafted from rubber, boasting intricate designs and vibrant colours. Mozart remains a popular choice, but the collection continues to expand, featuring new additions like Beethoven and even the iconic psychologist Sigmund Freud. These whimsical rubber ducks make for unique and cherished souvenirs that capture the playful spirit of Salzburg.

14. Traditional Austrian Attire: Lederhosen and Dirndl

Austrian Attire - Embrace the Elegance of Austrian Fashion

“A traditional Dirndl dress, a wearable piece of Salzburg’s vibrant culture and folklore.” – Oscar Wilde

Lederhosen and Dirndl costumes, associated with Austrian stereotypes, were popular during Oktoberfest in Salzburg. However, most Austrians, especially the younger generation, do not wear these traditional outfits daily. Considering them as souvenirs requires careful thought due to limited practicality and potential storage challenges. Nevertheless, reputable shops like Hanna Moden, Gwandhaus by Gössl, and Jahn Markl in Salzburg offer high-quality options for those interested.

In summary, while Lederhosen and Dirndl costumes have cultural significance, they are not commonly worn by Austrians. Consider their limited utility and transportation requirements if you choose them as souvenirs. Reputable shops in Salzburg can provide authentic options for interested buyers.

15. Swarovski: Sparkling Crystals in Salzburg

Swarovski - Sparkling Brilliance and Timeless Elegance

Swarovski, known for its glass crystals, is popular among Asian tourists visiting Salzburg. While Swarovski products are available worldwide, purchasing them in Austria is more affordable due to their origin. As a fifth-generation family business based in Wattens, Tyrol, Swarovski offers a unique experience at the Crystal World in Wattens for those genuinely interested in exploring their crystals.

In Salzburg, you can find several Swarovski jewellery stores, with the most notable one located in Getreidegasse, the city’s renowned shopping street. Unlike many resellers, this particular store in Getreidegasse is an original Swarovski store. If you are genuinely interested in Swarovski crystals, visiting Salzburg allows you to explore their authentic products.

16. Affordable and Memorable: Group Photos in Salzburg

Group Photos in Salzburg - Capture Memories in a Picturesque Setting

Capture the memories of your visit to Salzburg with a unique twist by taking an antique-style group photo. While this experience is not exclusive to Austria, the photo booths in Salzburg offer reasonable prices and excellent quality. One highly recommended location is across from the fortress’s funicular entrance. 

Not only are the photos of great value but the owners are known for their friendly and trustworthy service, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable experience for all. So gather your friends or family, strike a pose, and create a lasting memento of your time in Salzburg.

17. Spread Joy with Salzburg’s Postcards

Salzburg's Postcards - Capturing the Charm of a Cultural Gem

Share the beauty of Salzburg and make your loved ones feel appreciated with the timeless tradition of postcards. Join the Free Walking Tour led by a passionate photographer and receive unlimited complimentary postcards to send. These postcards showcase captivating images captured by the tour guide, making them unique and heartfelt souvenirs. 

Despite being free, these postcards maintain the authentic look and feel of traditional postcards without intrusive advertisements. So, immerse yourself in the beauty of Salzburg, capture cherished moments, and spread happiness with these unique postcards that celebrate both the city and the art of photography.

18. Discover Literary Treasures at Salzburg’s Oldest Bookstore

Salzburg's Oldest Bookstore - A Literary Haven with Rich History

Step into history at Höllriegl bookstore, Austria’s oldest book store established in 1594. Located in Ritzerbogen, this remarkable establishment offers more than just old books—it houses a diverse selection of English titles. While you could find these books elsewhere, consider picking up a captivating read for your train journey or cosy evenings at your accommodation. 

“In the act of giving, we find true joy, and Salzburg’s gifts bring joy to both the giver and the receiver.” – Rainer Maria Rilke.

Let the words inspire you and, upon returning home, pass on the gift of inspiration to your loved ones, adding to their bookshelf and enriching their lives with a meaningful souvenir from abroad. Explore the literary wonders of Höllriegl bookstore and embark on a journey that transcends time.

19. Indulge in Luxury Fashion and Jewelry in Salzburg

Fashion and Jewelry in Salzburg - A Fusion of Style and Elegance

Discover a world of designer clothes and exquisite jewellery as you explore the streets of Salzburg. While the city’s upscale shops may leave you wondering who purchases such lavish items, they have gained popularity among the affluent crowd drawn to Salzburg during the Salzburger Festspiele Classical Music Festival. 

In recent years, renowned international brands like Prada and Louis Vuitton have also found their place, attracting festival guests and tourists from Asian countries, where these luxury products often come at an even higher price. Immerse yourself in the allure of high-end fashion and accessories during your visit to Salzburg, where elegance and sophistication intertwine.


“Souvenirs from Salzburg speak a language of their own, whispering stories of this enchanting city and its rich history.” – Hermann Hesse.

In conclusion, Salzburg offers a wide range of unique and enchanting souvenirs that perfectly capture the spirit of the city. There is something for everyone, from delectable Mozart chocolates and traditional dirndls to handmade crafts and music boxes playing Mozart’s compositions. 

Whether you’re a fan of culinary delights, music, arts, or traditional attire, Salzburg’s souvenirs allow you to bring a piece of the city’s rich cultural heritage back home with you. So, next time you visit Salzburg, explore the local markets, boutiques, and speciality stores to find the perfect souvenir that will forever remind you of the city’s charm and beauty.


What do tourists buy in Austria?

Tourists in Austria often purchase traditional clothing like dirndls and lederhosen, as well as Mozart-themed souvenirs such as chocolates and music boxes.

What is Salzburg’s most famous shopping street?

Getreidegasse is Salzburg’s most famous shopping street, renowned for its charming atmosphere and diverse range of boutiques, including high-end fashion, local crafts, and culinary delights.

Is Austria cheap for shopping?

Austria is generally considered costly for shopping. While you can find unique and quality products, the overall pricing is less budget-friendly than some other destinations, and it may offer different bargains than Middle Eastern bazaars.

Are clothes expensive in Austria?  

Yes, clothing in Austria tends to be relatively expensive. Popular brands such as Levi’s, Zara, H&M, Nike, and Adidas come with higher price tags, with jeans costing around 75€, summer dresses around 38€, and shoes ranging from 89€ for sneakers to 98€ for quality leather business shoes.

Do I need cash in Austria?

While carrying a small amount of cash for initial expenses like taxi transfers or hotel deposits is advisable, using a multi-currency card like Caxton is recommended for safe and convenient spending throughout your trip to Austria.


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