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Rentals: A Cyclist’s Guide

Charlotte Moser

Charlotte Moser

August 27, 2023

Ever wanted to explore the charming city of Graz on two wheels but need your bike? No problem, Graz has you covered with some fantastic bike rental shops. Whether you’re looking for a basic city bike to cruise the cobblestone streets of the historic old town, an e-bike to power up the city’s hills, or a high-performance road bike to tackle the surrounding countryside, you’ll find what you need at these 11 top spots. 

With the stunning Mur River, verdant parks, and stunning architecture as your backdrop, cycling is one of the best ways to discover all the hidden gems Graz offers. So hop on, feel the wind in your hair, and get ready to fall in love with this bike-friendly city. These rental shops make it easy to start your two-wheeled adventure.

If you want to experience Graz like a local, renting a bike is necessary. Graz is a cycling paradise, with over 180 miles of bike lanes and paths connecting all city corners. Biking is often the fastest and most scenic way to get around.

Many bike rental shops are located throughout Graz, where you can rent bikes by the hour or day. Some recommendations:

Your Cycling Haven: Friesi’s Bikery

Friesi's Bikery - Your Ultimate Bike Adventure!

Friesi’s Bikery is the best place for everything about bikes. They have lots of bikes and cool stuff from great brands. The people who work there know about bikes and can help you find the perfect one. Whether you like trails, roads, or cities, they have a bike right for you. 

They also ensure your bike fits perfectly with their unique Bike Fitting System. It’s a fun and friendly place where you can enjoy the simple joy of biking. Visit Friesi’s Bikery and discover the world of cycling!

Website: https://www.friesis-bikery.at/?gclid=Cj4KCQjwiIOmBhDjARItAP6YhSUNLa9tmdxyFRfNGAnmFQush6xP2D4Ogds1pc_ki0xB0vdMczDG_AEdGgJGKxAC8P8HAQ 

Lemur Bike: Your Bike Experts

Lemur Bike - Pedal Your Way to Fun and Freedom!

Lemur Bike in Graz, Austria, they have been the go-to bike shop since 2014. They have a special love for cargo, mountain, and gravel bikes, offering a wide selection of choices from top brands like KONA, MARIN, and more. They also have a variety of cool gear and accessories from TLD, Giro, and other brands. 

The team at Lemur Bike is super knowledgeable and dedicated to providing the best service. They take care of your bike even after you buy it, offering professional repairs and support. Whether you’re a cycling enthusiast or looking for a unique urban custom bike, Lemur Bike is the place to visit in Graz. No appointment is necessary; you can drop by with your bike anytime. 

Website: https://www.lemur.at/ 

Bike Experts: RadAktiv Graz

RadAktiv Graz - Explore the City on Wheels!

RadAktiv is a bicycle shop in Graz, offering a wide range of top brands like Trek, Orbea, Norco, Conway, Puch, and Diamant. They provide professional Bike-Fitting services for improved comfort and performance. The store has a 350m² area with various bike options, including Mountain, Trekking, City, E-Bikes, and Road bikes. 

Their qualified mechanics offer fast and efficient bike service. Additionally, they have a bike rental service with a diverse selection of bikes. Visit them at Annenstraße 50, Graz, or contact them at 0316 / 23 21 01. 

Website: https://bikeonline.store/radaktiv/ 

Custom Bikes & Bags: MAGHANOY WILSON


At MAGHANOY WILSON, located in Graz, Austria, you’ll discover a unique and versatile custom bike shop & cafe offering various services. They are a bespoke boutique for bikes, and bags handcrafted in Graz with a lifetime guarantee. Their collection includes the MAGHANOY WILSON series of 25L, 45L, and 15L rucksacks, available for purchase. 

They also carry renowned brands like BrotherCycles, Bullit, LarryVsHarry, Tubus, Mavic, Salsa, AllCityCycles, and more. As a full-service shop, they cover bike mechanics, bike-packing, and bike rental, offering touring bikes and vintage steel bike restoration. Pay them a visit at Körösistrasse 1, Graz, and experience their exceptional craftsmanship and services firsthand.

Website: https://maghanoywilson.com/ 

Cycling Hub: Styrian Bike

Styrian Bike - Your Ultimate Bike Hub

Welcome to Styrian Bike, your go-to shop and service centre for all your cycling needs. They offer an impressive wheel program and top-notch bike service at Reiterweg 5, 8010 Graz 1st District – Inner City. With a wide range of bikes and accessories, you can find the perfect fit for your cycling adventures. 

Whether you’re a casual rider or a seasoned cyclist, their knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you. From bike repairs to gear recommendations, they provide excellent customer service to ensure you have the best experience on two wheels. Contact them at 0316 35 20 20 or shop, and start your cycling journey with Styrian bike today!

Website: https://www.steirerbike.at/ 

Lend Bikes: “Live the Ride!”

Lend Bikes Your Convenient Bike Rental Solution in Graz

They love cycling and are ready to help you with their friendly team of experienced cyclists. Get top bikes from brands like BMC, Cannondale, Mustache, and more, along with expert advice. Explore their backpacking and cycle travel accessories selection from popular brands like Ortlieb, Blackburn, Evoc, and others. 

Find them at Volksgartenstrasse 30, Graz, and contact them at [email protected] or call +43 681 84 99 02 44. Let them make your cycling adventure unforgettable with excellent services!

Website: http://www.lendbikes.at/ 

Bike store.cc: Your Biking Haven

BikeStore.cc Your One-Stop Bike Shop

Bike store.cc offers a diverse range of services for all cycling enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking for a new bike, bike accessories, or bike parts, they have you covered with top-quality products from well-known brands like Cube, Trek, Diamant, Cannondale, and more. Their friendly and knowledgeable team is always ready to provide expert advice and assist you with your cycling needs. 

Additionally, they offer various financing options and a 100-day return policy for added convenience and customer satisfaction. With multiple locations in Austria, including Graz, Vienna, and Semmering, Bikestore. cc is your one-stop shop for cycling, ensuring an enjoyable and memorable biking experience.

Website: https://bikestore.cc/ 

Bike Services at REBIKEL

REBIKEL Rediscover the Joy of Biking

At REBIKEL, they offer comprehensive services for all your biking needs. The skilled team specializes in bike service and repair, ensuring your bicycles are in top-notch condition. They also have a wide selection of quality bicycles available for purchase. Additionally, they provide bicycle insurance options to protect your valuable investment.

 The dedication to customer satisfaction and expert knowledge makes REBIKEL the go-to destination for biking enthusiasts. You can find them conveniently, and the opening hours are tailored to fit your busy schedule. Trust REBIKEL for biking, and enjoy the thrill of cycling confidently.

Website: https://www.rebikel.at/en/home-english/  

Explore Graz with E-Onix E-Scooters!

E-Onix E-Scooters Electric Mobility Made Easy

E-Onix offers convenient and affordable E-Roller and E-Bike rentals, providing a new sense of freedom on the road. With a range of rental options from 30 minutes to a full day, you can explore your desired locations at your own pace. The fully electric, eco-friendly E-Scooters reach up to 25 km/h speeds and do not require a driver’s license. 

Glide through traffic on bike paths and charming streets, discovering the beautiful surroundings on your own. With easy online reservations and friendly service, E-Onix ensures a delightful experience for sightseeing and adventure on their electric vehicles.

Website: https://e-onix.at/ 

Glanzrad Bike Services with Passion

Crafted Glanzrad Bikes

Glanzrad is not just about selling bicycles; they also offer exceptional bike services to meet their customers’ needs. With their expertise and passion for cycling, they provide personalized bike assembly based on individual preferences. They take pride in offering unique and handmade bike frames, with some components manufactured in Italy and Slovakia. 

From classic to modern styles, they have an impressive variety of designs, colours, and sizes. Additionally, Glanzrad offers maintenance services to keep your bike in top condition, ensuring you enjoy a smooth and safe ride. Their dedication to quality and customer satisfaction makes Glanzrad a reliable choice for all cycling enthusiasts.

Website: https://www.glanzrad.at/ 

Heels on Wheels – Bikes and Services for Women

Heels on Wheels - A Fashionable Bike Boutique for Women

Heels on Wheels is the first bicycle shop in Graz exclusively catering to women. With a vibrant and diverse range of bikes, their services focus on providing women with the perfect ride suited to their style and preferences. 

From trendy city bikes to quality bicycle repairs and maintenance, Heels on Wheels offers a delightful selection of products and services that cater to the unique needs of female cyclists. Located in Wickenburggasse, Graz, Austria, they pride themselves on offering excellent customer service and a welcoming atmosphere for all women cyclists.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/heelsonwheels.at 

With its extensive cycling infrastructure, natural surroundings, and vibrant culture, Graz is a biking paradise waiting to be discovered. So get out and ride—you’ll be glad you did!

Cycling Routes: Scenic Bike Tours Around Graz

Cycling is the way to go if you want to experience Graz like a local. With over 200 miles of bike lanes and some of the most scenic routes in Austria, Graz is a cyclist’s paradise. Here are a few of the best bike tours around the city:

The Murradweg, or Mur Cycle Path, follows the Mur River for over 60 miles. Starting in Graz, it winds through forests, farms, and vineyards with stunning countryside views. It’s mostly flat, so it’s great for riders of all abilities.

The Graz Uphill is one for thrill-seekers. This challenging 9-mile route ascends 1,300 feet up the Schöckl mountain, the landmark hill rising above Graz. The rewarding panoramic view from the top makes the demanding climb worthwhile.

If you prefer to stick closer to town, the Herrengasse and the Innere Stadt, Graz’s old town, make for an easy 3-mile loop. Cycle down the historic main street, check out the picturesque courtyards and zip through the narrow alleyways of the old city centre. A perfect introduction to Graz’s charm.

With bike rentals available all over town, you only need a sense of adventure to discover Graz’s two-wheeled treasures. Whether you’re looking for a leisurely ride or an adrenaline rush, Graz’s cycling routes offer something for everyone. So hop on, feel the wind in your hair, and happy cycling!


So there you have it, the 11 best spots to rent bikes in Graz. With options from basic city cruisers to high-performance road bikes, you’ll find the perfect wheels to explore all this charming Austrian city offers. Whether you want to pedal along the Mur River, climb up Schlossberg Hill for panoramic views, or escape into the countryside, Graz’s bike rentals have you covered. 

Now all that’s left to do is pick a rental shop, choose your ride, and get out there – the open road is calling! With bike-friendly infrastructure and stunning scenery around every corner, cycling in Graz is an experience you will never forget.


How much do bike rentals cost in Graz?

Bike rental rates in Graz range from €10 to €30 per day, depending on the type of bike. Rentals for multi-day trips or weekly rentals often include a discount. Standard city and trekking bikes are on the lower end of the range. E-bikes, tandem bikes, and performance road or mountain bikes are on the higher end. Most shops accept cash and major credit cards.

Is Graz bike friendly?

Yes, Graz is a bicycle-friendly city with an extensive network of cycle paths, making it easy to navigate by bike. Also, reliable public transport services, Öffis, provide quick transportation options for residents and visitors.

Is Graz safe at night?

Yes, Graz is considered safe at night with a low crime rate. However, it’s recommended to take standard safety precautions and stay in well-lit and populated areas for added security.

What is the rental bike?

A rental bike is a bike made available for temporary use through a bike rental or bike hire business. It allows individuals to rent bicycles for short periods, often provided by bike shops or specialized rental services alongside their primary sales and services.

Charlotte Moser

Charlotte Moser has a passion for traveling and exploring different cultures, cuisines, and lifestyles. She loves to share her experiences and trips with his readers, who are looking for some inspiration and guidance on how to make the most of their time in Austria.

Charlotte Moser

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