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Charlotte Moser

Charlotte Moser

July 24, 2023

Welcome to Graz, Austria’s amazing city! Graz has it all if you’re looking for a perfect city trip. Like Vienna and Salzburg, it’s one of the must-visit cities in Austria. The historic old town is incredibly charming, with the famous Clock Tower as its landmark. But that’s not all! Graz offers much more, from fascinating museums and beautiful castles to modern architectural wonders. And when it comes to food and nightlife, you’re in for a treat. 

“The beauty of Graz lies not only in its stunning architecture but in the warm hospitality of its people.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

There are hip pubs, cool bars, and top-notch restaurants to satisfy your taste buds. Graz is always worth your time, whether you’re here for a day or longer. In this travel guide, I’ll give you all the important information and tips for a perfect visit to Graz. I’ll show you the most beautiful things to do, share great pictures, and recommend the best places to stay. Let’s explore Graz together and have an incredible time! 

1. Explore the Clock Tower and Schlossberg

Beautiful Clock Tower and Majestic Schlossberg in Graz

When you visit Graz, go to the Clock Tower in the main square. It’s an ancient tower that has been telling the time for a long time. You can go up the stairs and see the whole city from the top. You’ll see all the roofs of the houses and the river.

The Schlossberg, a big hill in the middle of Graz, is not far from the Clock Tower. You can either walk up or take a fun train called the Schlossbergbahn. There used to be a fortress at the top of the hill, but now it’s a park where you can have a picnic and enjoy the pretty views. There are also cool things to see at the bottom of the hill, like an ancient armoury and a museum with modern art. It’s a fun place to explore!

2. Slide down the Schlossberg Slide

Thrilling Schlossberg Slide in Graz

One of the most exciting things you can do in Graz is to slide down the big slide on Schlossberg Hill. It’s a super long slide from the top of the hill. You can walk up the hill or take a special train called the Schlossbergbahn to get there. You’ll see the slide when you reach the top, and it’s tough to miss! It’s the longest tunnel slide in the world, 200 meters long.

You can sit on a sack and slide down really fast! It’s dark inside the slide, but halfway down, you start seeing some light and get a glimpse of the city below. You might feel a little dizzy when you reach the bottom, but it’s so much fun! And guess what? You can ride the slide repeatedly as many times as you want! It’s an unforgettable adventure for kids and grown-ups too. Take the chance to slide down the Schlossberg slide when you’re in Graz!

3. Discover Graz Castle (Grazer Burg)

Majestic Graz Castle A Historic Landmark

Graz Castle is an ancient and cool place you should visit when you’re in Graz. It’s on a hill in the middle of the city, and parts of it were built a long time ago, more than 500 years ago! When you explore the castle, you can walk in the big courtyards and see the beautiful old chapel called the Chapel of St. Michael. If you climb up the impressive staircase, you can see the whole city from the top of the castle.

“In Graz, every step unveils a new story, a new chapter in Austria’s rich cultural heritage.” – Franz Kafka.

Outside the castle, there are nice gardens with pretty statues and flowers. You can picnic there or sit on a bench and enjoy the peacefulness. There are also other things to see near the castle, like a big room with many old weapons and armour and a museum with modern art. It’s a special place to visit and learn about the history of Graz. Remember to bring your camera to take lots of pictures!

4. Visit the Main Square (Graz Hauptplatz)

Vibrant Main Square in Graz

The main square in Graz, called Hauptplatz, is ancient and pretty. It has been the city’s center for a long, long time. The square doesn’t have cars, so you can walk around and see all the beautiful buildings. There is a big fountain in the middle of the square, and you can sit on the benches nearby and watch the water.

There are also some impressive buildings around the square, like a palace from a long time ago and another building where the city government works. There are little shops in the square where you can buy tasty food, like sausages and fresh juice. The square has different events throughout the year, like a big Christmas market. It’s a lively place with many things to see and do. Take your time to explore and enjoy the beautiful Hauptplatz in Graz!

5. Marvel at the Kunsthaus

Colorful Kunsthaus Graz's Modern Art Museum

The Kunsthaus Graz is an interesting building where you can see modern art. It looks like a spaceship painted blue, so it stands out. The architects who designed it wanted it to look different from the other buildings in the city. It’s like a work of art itself!

You’ll find all kinds of creative and unique art in the Kunsthaus. There are paintings, sculptures, and even videos and installations. Some famous artists have their works displayed there. Even if you have yet to learn about art, visiting the Kunsthaus will inspire and excite you. It’s a special place to explore and let your imagination run wild!

6. Explore the Joanneum Quarter

Joanneum Quarter Graz's Cultural Haven

The Joanneum Quarter is a special place in Graz with lots of museums. You can spend a whole day there and learn so many interesting things! Start at the Natural History Museum, where fossils, animals, and shiny minerals are found. The building is ancient and beautiful.

Next, visit the Neue Galerie, a museum with modern art worldwide. It’s in an old building that used to be a monastery so you can see the cool architecture too. If you like history and old things, go to the Archäologiemuseum. It has artifacts from long ago, like when the Romans lived in Graz.

“Graz is a city where history whispers in the narrow alleys and comes alive in the grandeur of its palaces.” – Hermann Hesse.

The Joanneum Quarter is a great place to explore and have fun while learning. You’ll see amazing things and have a chance to ask many questions. Remember to take breaks and enjoy the pretty gardens and buildings around the museums. It’s a wonderful place for curious minds!

7. Step into the Landhaushof

Landhaushof Graz's Peaceful Courtyard

The Landhaushof is a beautiful and peaceful place behind a big old building in Graz. Walking through the entrance, you’ll feel like you’re in a different time. The buildings around the courtyard have colorful walls, and the roofs are made of red tiles.

People often come to the Landhaushof to relax and enjoy the calm atmosphere. You might see locals sitting at the cafes, drinking coffee and talking. On weekends, there’s a farmers market where you can find delicious homemade food and interesting things to buy.

Take your time to explore the Landhaushof, sit on the grass, and listen to the birds. It’s a great place to escape from the busy city and have a peaceful moment. Remember to try local market treats and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

8. Experience the Landeszeughaus

Landeszeughaus Graz's Impressive Armory

The Landeszeughaus, also known as the Styrian Armory, is a huge place full of old weapons and armour. It’s like stepping into a different world when you walk through the doors.

Inside, you’ll see all kinds of cool things. There are swords, axes, crossbows, and even cannons! Some of the armour looks very fancy and detailed. You can imagine what it was like to be a knight or soldier long ago.

Walking around the Landeszeughaus will make you feel like you’ve travelled back in time. It’s a great place to learn about history and how people used to fight in battles. And guess what? They have giant dolls dressed as knights that you can take pictures with!

Take the chance to visit the Landeszeughaus and see all the special weapons and armour. It’s a place that will make your imagination soar!

9. Wander along Herrengasse

Herrengasse Graz's Historic Boulevard

Walk on a pretty street called Herrengasse in Graz’s old town. The street has colourful buildings, and you can find shops, cafes, and restaurants there. You can enjoy looking at things in the shops without buying them.

“Discovering Graz is like stepping into a fairytale, with its picturesque streets and enchanting landscapes.” – Emily Dickinson.

If you feel tired, you can sit outside at a cafe like Cafe Ernst or Cafe Sacher. You can watch people passing by, both locals and tourists. In the shops on Herrengasse, you can find special things made by local artists, like glasses, pottery, jewelry, clothes, and other crafts. You can buy souvenirs from small businesses like Keramik-Galerie or Modeatelier Anja Tasic.

Whether you want to take a break, eat something, or find a special gift, Herrengasse has something for you. Walking along this beautiful street will make you understand why it’s the heart of Graz.

10. Discover Eggenberg Palace

Eggenberg Palace Graz's Stunning Royal Residence

Every trip to Graz is complete with visiting the magnificent Eggenberg Palace. It was built in the 17th century and used to be the home of a prince named Johann Seyfried Eggenberg. Now, it’s a special place protected by UNESCO. You can tour the palace and see how rich and important people lived in the past.

You’ll see beautiful paintings on ceilings and old furniture, tapestries, and wall artwork inside the palace. The palace also has a big library with lots of books. Outside are big gardens with nice lawns, flowers, fountains, and a place for growing oranges.

When you finish looking around the palace, you can go to the cafe there for coffee, cake, or a light lunch. In the summer evenings, they have concerts in a special hall made of marble. If you like history and want to know how rich people lived long ago, this place is perfect for you.

Travel tips for visiting Graz

“There is a sense of magic in Graz, where time seems to stand still as you explore its captivating sights.” – Friedrich Schiller.

Here are some easy travel tips for visiting Graz, Austria:

  • Book your car rental in advance to secure a better price, as car rental fees have increased globally.
  • Purchase your flight tickets early to avoid potential price hikes closer to your travel date.
  • Bring more than one credit card, as not all businesses in Graz accept all types of cards.
  • Invest in travel insurance that covers cancellations due to Covid to protect yourself financially.
  • Consider booking refundable hotel rooms or apartments, and take advantage of post-booking price drops.
  • Allow at least 2 hours between flight connections, especially if you have separate airlines for each leg.
  • Join Graz travel Facebook groups for valuable tips and recommendations from fellow travelers.
  • Book tours and activities online through platforms like Klook, GetYourGuide, or Viator to compare prices.
  • Inform your bank or credit card provider about travel plans to prevent transaction issues abroad.
  • Travel during shoulder seasons to save money and avoid crowds in Graz.


With all these great activities in Graz, you’ll always have things to do in this charming Austrian city. From exploring the historic old town to enjoying the city’s stunning nature, Graz has something for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip to Graz today. 

“Graz is a haven for wanderers, where every corner holds a new adventure and every experience leaves a lasting impression.” – Thomas Bernhard.

With the perfect blend of culture, history, food, and outdoor adventure, this picturesque city will win your heart. You’ll leave Graz with memories that will last a lifetime. The hardest part will be saying auf Wiedersehen to this enchanting place. But don’t worry, Graz will be waiting for your return.


What is the Graz famous for?

Graz is famous for its local armoury, the world’s largest collection of late medieval and Renaissance weaponry, with over 30,000 items on display since 1551.

Is Graz worth visiting?

Yes, Graz is worth visiting! It offers a unique blend of ancient and modern history, all within a compact and walkable city center. You can easily explore the main sites of Graz within 10-15 minutes on foot, making it a convenient and enjoyable destination to experience.

How many days are enough for Graz?

If you have 48 hours in Graz, it’s a good amount of time to see many of the city’s top attractions, including the Old Town and Schlossberg Hill. Consider exploring areas beyond the city limits to make the most of your visit.

Is Graz safe at night?

Yes, Graz is generally considered safe at night with a low crime rate. However, it’s always wise to take basic precautions like staying in well-lit areas and being aware of your surroundings to ensure a safe experience.

What is the main shopping street in Graz?

The main shopping street in Graz is Herrengasse. It is a vibrant and lively city street lined with various shops, cafes, and restaurants for a memorable shopping experience.

Charlotte Moser

Charlotte Moser has a passion for traveling and exploring different cultures, cuisines, and lifestyles. She loves to share her experiences and trips with his readers, who are looking for some inspiration and guidance on how to make the most of their time in Austria.

Charlotte Moser

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